Armagnac Soils

Armagnac vineyard
Armagnac : Soil and Appellations
Bas-Armagnac on the west is an undulating country; the grapevine grows on poor and sour argilo-siliceous fields, by blended places of ferruginous elements which colour it, where come their name of fawn sands. Boulbènes, characteristic sediments of the region, are grounds with slimy dominant feature. This area produces very well-known and delicate, light and fruity brandies.

Armagnac-Ténarèze in the centre is a transition area. Boulbènes and argilo-calcareous terreforts can be found there. Brandies are in general more full-bodied. They reach their fullness after a long ageing.

Haut-Armagnac In the South and in the East is very outspread. Hills introduce calcareous and argilo-calcareous soil whose valleys are sometimes covered of boulbènes. The grapevine is represented by some islets there.

Source BNIA


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