To Taste Armagnac

Armagnac tasting, a History of Pleasure and Curiosity.

. Notice the look
- First Pour 2 - 3 cl of Armagnac into a brandy glass and notice its gold colour, amber color or mahogany tint according to its age.

.Breathe the Aromas
Place the stem of the glass between your fingers and gently swivel the glass in your hand so that the armagnac coats the walls of the glass. As the Armagnac warms up, it will reaveal an intense delicate aroma depending on  its age and quality ranging from :
fruity aromas: quince, grapes, plum, then with age, prune, orange or apricot confit
floral aromas: grapevine flowers , honey or linden wooded aromas: vanilla, seasoned, grilled
The rancio: As a mark of age of Armagnac, it reveals aromas of dry fruits, more particularly walnut and hazelnut.

.Savours the Taste
The first impression is vigorous: it is the "rising" After the first sip of alcohol, appreciate its sweet aroma; persisting, everything in "length", taste manifests the quality of the product. One there find the same aromatic variety as in the nose with a predominance of wooded and rancio perception.

.Savour this equilibrium...
It is the gascon balance: art to mix colour, bunch and aromas... a complicated aromatic quality belonging only to Armagnac.

.When to end
When the glass is empty, continue to heat it between your hands and enjoy sniffing the aromatic nectar.


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  • (°) Overconsumption of alcohol is dangerous to your health. Consume in moderation.

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