General Conditions of Sale

Article 1 : Your Order
Your order, accompanied with the payment by check in euro, will be sent by post at following address:

16, Rue Blaise Pascal
33700 Mérignac.

NOTICE : Order out of France Metropolis: we reserve right to honour it. Delivery expenses and taxes linked to the place of forwarding will be owed extra.
To contact us :

Article 2 : Our Contact details


Production Site
à Sansur
32800 Réans -Eauze

Commercial Site.
16, av. Blaise Pascal
33700 Mérignac

Email :
Web :

Article 3 : Approval of Order
Order will be renowned accepted after validation of the payment by check. Nevertheless, we reserve the possibility of not confirming an order and that for whatever reason. Order is therefore considered as definitely confirmed by our approval or by the dispatch of the goods. In case the addressee of order is not the customer, it is up to the customer to inform the addressee of the present general conditions of sale. Articles introduced in the boutique will be indicated under the term "products " in the following chapters. It is up to the customer to be sure, under its only responsibility, that products can be imported and used in the country where they are assigned tointended.

Photographs illustrating products do not enter into the contractual field of sale. Our responsibility would not be assumed if errors are found.

The fact for the customer to achieve the boutique of sale or to fill the order form appearing on the site or to confirm order, is worth full and whole approval of the present Conditions dress rehearsals de Vente, which will be alone applicable to such a concluded contract.

Article 4 : Delivery
Delivery will be performed by mail dispatch or by conveyor in France metropolis. Transport duration are given for information only and without commitment of our part.

Even if the products are delivered with the postal charges included they travel at the own rish of  the addressee who must complain to the conveyor in case of missing, losses, problems, delays, etc.

It is therefore deeply recommended to the customer to control packages upon their arrival in the presence of the conveyor and to mention to him any motivated reverve by written on the acknowledgment of delivery or in default of  by post.

Article 5 : Identification of the Customer
Information of names collected for the purposes of remote sale is necessary for the treatment, and the placement of order, as well as for the establishment of bills. If these information are not filled in, it leads to the non validation of the order

The defect of information of this information draws away the not validation of order. The customer gives his consent in the use of data of names according to the order accomplished in our only use and with the exception of societies third.

According with French Law " Computer science and Freedom " n ° 78-17 of January 6th, 1978, the customer has a right of access, with drawal and correction of data concerning it, which he can use at any time.

Article 6 : Rights of access to the Customers files
The customer has, according to the law with Computer and Freedom, a right of access and correction relative to data concerning it as well as a right of opposition. To use one of these rights, the Customer will have to contact, by post,
16, av Blaise Pascal
33700 Mérignac.

Article 7 : Guarantee
We guarantee that products have received all the necessary care so as to ensure their compliance with the description which appears on the site at the date of order. No other express or tacit guarantee is granted. We could not guarantee that the products come up to the particuar expectations of the customer. The customer is the only one responsible for the choice of the ordered products.

Article 8 : Responsibility - Limitation
The customer is the only one responsible for the storage and for the use of the delivered products. The customer must pay a particular attention to the fact that the most of out products are based on alcohol (Armagnac) and can call upor a specific regulation in the country of delivery. On the other hand, we can't be kept responsible for any non performance which would have as origin a case of absolute necessity or a cas escaping our control.

Article 9 : Litigation
Only the french law and language will be applicable. In case of litigation, the Courts of the registered offices of our company will be the only ones competent.


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