Armagnac and Meal

The amazing diversity of armagnacs confers him the power to accompany the whole meal in harmony.
It is enough to soften the offered doses and to serve a glass of water at the same time.

The white of armagnac, and its incomparable fruity, will be the perfect ally of the smoked salmon, meat products, the foie gras and of the lemon pie.

Young armagnac allows to season sauces, to singe shell-fishes, meats or pastries. He goes with blue-moulded  cheese for example Roquefort.

Old armagnacs go with sweet / salt dishes as guinea hen in peaches, duck breast in the honey. They also go with desserts: the black forest, the tatin pie, the charlotte in pears, oranges confites
the sugar of the dessert soften the vivacity of the brandy.


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