Armagnac and Drink

Classic Cocktail

Armagnac on Ice
2 blocks of ice

Armagnac Orange
Armagnac (1/6)
Orange juice (5/6)
Drop of grenadine

Tonic Cocktail
Armagnac Orange Limonade
Armagnac (1/6)
Orange juice (2/6)
Lemonade (3/6)

Armagnac Schweppes    
Armagnac (1/6)
Schweppes (5/6)

Armagnac Canada-Dry
Armagnac (1/6)
Canada-Dry (5/6)

Rue Royale  
Armagnac (1/7)
Champagne iced (6/7)
Grop of raspberry liquor

Variant : brambleberry liquor or peach liquor.

To stop  in a breakfast

A "Trou Gascon"
Apple water-ice

Variant : Lemon water-ice, Pear water-ice, or Frozen prune.  

look at  "Taste Armagnac"


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